Mobility TT Presentation


The Mobility Think Tank (Mobility TT) it is conceived as an “ideas lab”, focusing its activity on research to promote public debate on this topic. To this end, it monitors the trends and challenges of transport and offers innovative proposals to make the mobility of people and goods in road transport more efficient and sustainable, focusing on safety, environmental quality and health.

The fundamental goal of the Mobility TT is to identify the trends and challenges of this industry, as well as to evaluate the measures adopted and to present proposals and reflections before the institutions, companies and society in general.

The Mobility TT is a private, non-profit entity, founded in November 2017, to become a reference entity in terms of mobility, both at national and European level, at the service of people and society as a whole.

The Mobility TT is financed with the contributions of its patrons, thus maintaining its independence for the development of activities, which are always carried out with quality and rigor.

The Mobility Think Tank focuses its work on the following topics:

• Infrastructures: investment in overland infrastructures
• High-quality service: enhancement of transport and mobility services
• Industry innovation: strategic visions (mega-trucks, inter-modality, etc.)
• Safety: Traceability of the transport process
• Environment and health: promoting clean and healthy mobility
• Tax impact: taxes projected onto the citizens
• Cooperation with other sectors: promoting meeting with other think tanks
• Free trade: supporting freedom of movement

For the development of these topics, the Mobility TT publishes opinion articles elaborated by its members as well as studies and debates.